Molded Pulp Packaging -Waste to Treasure

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In the past, wheat straw, bagasse fiber, bamboo and other crop fiber on Chinese farms were useless. They were simply burned to clear lands for the next season, which causes air pollution.

After molded pulp packaging become known in China, people gradually realize the economic use of the straws, bagasse and other natural fiber. These natural fiber can be beaten into pulp, and then molded into all kinds of packaging products and even tableware or other craft supplies.

These molded pulp products have many advantages:

Providing better protection for products during transportation; 

Reducing air pollution caused by burning the natural fiber;

Saving trees and forests, protecting ecological environment--straw, bagasse, bamboo and other crop fiber are renewable sources, and they have much shorter growing cycle than trees; 

Not causing any pollution since they are 100% biodegradable and compostable; 

Can be molded into any shapes and colors


Kinyi Environmental Technology is a supplier of molded pulp packaging for electronics, cosmetics, food, instrument and other industries.


We use paper pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp or other fiber pulp as raw material. Our packaging products are eco-friendly and biodegradable.


There are two kinds of techniques to make molded pulp products -- dry pressing and wet pressging. Dry-pressed products are rough in surface and price is cheaper, usually used as protective packaging during transportation, while wet-pressed products are very smooth in surface and look much more up-scale. They not only have protective function, but also as decoration. 


We not only provide molded pulp packaging products, but also paper pulp masks and bagasse tableware. We can provide free custom designs for various products.

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