KINYI Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition

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On April 27, 2024, the Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Exhibition was officially opened, in order to better let customers understand the protection of pulp packaging on the environment, kinyi made a degradation test report and printed it into a poster, so that more people know about environmentally friendly packaging

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In this exhibition, many customers are very interested in our pulp packaging products

Through this exhibition, we also have a deeper communication with our peers, let us feel that the industry is constantly moving forward, our company will continue to do their own, better service for customers

To bring more diversified products to customers, to protect the environment for a part of our own force

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At the end of the exhibition, we harvested a lot of like-minded friends with us, and we also welcome interested friends to visit our factory at any time

Finally, congratulations to KINYI for successfully completing the Hong Kong Exhibition

From KINYI team

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